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I am a New York based actor originally from Milwaukee, WI. 

When people asked me at a young age what I wanted to be when I grew up, "a princess" was my usual response.  When the news was broken to me that I was not of royal blood, I was devastated.  I picked myself up from my 5 year old temper tantrum and knew that in order to be a princess, I would just have to become one on stage.  I've wanted to be an actress ever since.

When it comes to theatre, I find beauty in moments that touch your soul in a way that other art forms cannot.  I want, more than anything, to inspire and impact others in everything I do.  If other artists' work and other individuals' stories can shine through me, I'll know I have done my job.  Performing, for me, has always been about making audiences feel something and affecting their lives the way it has affected mine.

When I'm not performing, you can find me trying out new coffee shops, baking, making playlists for friends, and planning future trips to exciting destinations.

Hi! I'm Mikayla!
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